Urbino, a city with a thousand-year history where you can breathe the Renaissance and the future of generations, thanks to its dynamic university.
Home of artists, scientists, mathematicians and men of letters, a place admirably described in the book “Il Cortegiano” by Baldassare Castiglione.
This is the city of Raphael, with its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, the only site in the Marche region.

From breakfast to sunset here are some things to see and do in Urbino.

Urbino can be reached by car or bus from the Pesaro station. This city appears among the gentle hills of Montefeltro, after having traveled the winding roads that rise and fall among the green of the Marche countryside.

Urbino is a four-handed work of art painted by man and nature, it is a magical place that witnesses the passage between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


Nature reserve Gola del Furlo

For those who love nature and unspoiled spaces. A reserve that allows you to do many activities such as hiking and climbing, but also simple picnics with the family thanks to the many equipped areas.

Frasassi caves

A wonder of nature in the centre of Marche. A complex series of subterranean karstic cavities. Their main characteristics are the famous stalactites and stalagmites. A necessary destination for the people who visits Marche territory!


Medieval villages

Pesaro-Urbino province is scattered of little and suggestive villages of medieval origins and ancient strongholds which awaits to be visited every day thanks to their alleys and landscapes. The most famous are: Gradara, Mondaino, Mondavio and many more.

Riviera del Conero

A crystal clear sea and Bandiera Blu rewarded beaches make these places the most appreciated of the entire region. Beaches and wild sites reachable only by the sea, a natural park where you can trek and hike daily, for adults and children too.


One of the most important and ancient places of pilgrimage of the Catholic world. City to visit also for non-religious people, located in a little upland where stands out the majestic and famous Basilica. Here you can see an amazing landscape , from Mare Adriatico to Monte Conero and Appennino umbro-marchigiano, too.

Riviera Romagnola

For the lovers of Romagna night life, 30 mins away by car from the Casale you can find it in Riccione, Rimini, Cesenatico. You will go to trendy and fashionable locals.

San Marino
San Marino
San Leo
San Leo

San Marino and San Leo

The first one is an actual state, where you can visit the ancient village inside the walls and the modern city which developed around them.

San Leo, not less important and suggestive, is on the contrary a little and delightful village located on a rock of Valmarecchia, in the province of Rimini.